WASAP is a small app initiated by wahwahid member of GoRI Creative to generate instant link to WhatsApp Messenger with a single click. WASAP is created to help anyone use WhatsApp API more easier. This idea came from our friend that decided to start an online shop business in the end of 2017, the main contact for doing her business was using WhatsApp, but she had a trouble when generated link using WhatsApp API manually because the complexity of content, and then she asked wahwahid for the solution.

WASAP is independent and not affiliated with WhatsApp Inc. All features available in WASAP are available from APIs that are freely opened by WhatsApp Inc. WASAP is made solely to facilitate the use of WhatsApp API. WASAP is not responsible for the termination of services carried out by WhatsApp Inc., which results in WASAP functionality.

All WhatsApp Trademark and WhatsApp Logo is the right of WhatsApp Inc.


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Currently we running WASAP version 1.6.1 and working to release second major version with many additional features soon. Keep waiting ;)

See detail about version changelog.